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The website 15Sport is a search directory of sports clubs and sections on the territory of USA.

Our website presents health clubs, fitness centers, fighting clubs, yoga studios, children's sports schools and other sports clubs located in different parts of our country. Information about each one sports club contains a list of existing sports sections and sports halls at the institution.

Thus, on our site you can find detailed informative map of sports clubs and sections of your state, city, district or residential area.

7Sport is a directory with the following search capabilities:

  • sports clubs by sport and location (state, city, district, residential area, metro);
  • sports clubs by type and location (state, city, district, residential area, metro);
  • sports halls (including gyms and swimming pools) by the purpose and location (state, city, district, residential area, metro).

Among the sports sections, presented on our site you can find: sport games (american football, baseball, basketball, tennis, handball, volleyball, rugby and many others); schools of martial arts (boxing, thai boxing, kickboxing, karate, judo, jiu-jitsu, wrestling and others); intellectual sports (chess, checkers); strength sports (weightlifting, powerlifting); winter sports (skiing, skating); aerobics, gymnastics, fitness, yoga, pilates, cycling, water aerobics and aqua fit classes; shooting and many many others.

Information about each one of the sports sections in the lists on our website includes: address, distance to metro, contact phone number, description, price, schedule, age limits, pictures and video. The data is regularly updated.

In the catalogue you will find the information about sports clubs, schools and sections, located not only in the major cities of United States (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles), but also in other less settlements.

The website is designed to gather and provide the most complete information about all sports clubs for children, teens and adults in United States.

If you want to post information about your sports club on our website - sign up and do this through a personal account, or send the information to the email address specified at the bottom of the page. Thank you!