Soccer fields in Los Angeles

Outdoor artificial turf field Student Recreation Center (CSUN) Student Recreation Center (CSUN) 12 Photo 1 Video

Located east of the Student Recreation Center is the 130,000 sq. ft. illuminated outdoor SRC Field. Four lights that stand 90 ft. high border the field and a small support building holds storage space, a drinking fountain and restrooms.

The artificial turf is made of silica sand and recycled rubber tires, which creates a surface that is strong, but soft and prevents abrasion. Studies have shown that this turf is safer than natural grass, leading to fewer muscle tears, lower ACL trauma and fewer ligament tears.

18111 Nordhoff Street Los Angeles, CA
  • 818-677-5434
  • Balboa (4 ml)
  • Nordhoff (4.1 ml)
  • Reseda (4.2 ml)
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  • young men
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