Liuhe Ziranmen Wushu Training Center

99 Canal Street
New York City, NY
  • 917-770-1239
  • Grand Street (1000 ft) IND 6th Av
  • East Broadway (1300 ft) IND 6th Av
  • Bowery (1700 ft) BMT Nassau St

The Liu He Zi Ran Men / Wushu Training Center was opened by Master Chen Ying in 1997 in New York City.

The Liu He Zi Ran Men / Wushu Training Center is located on the Lower East Side of New York City know as Chinatown.

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Fighting room
  • 917-770-1239

The Liuhe Ziranmen Training Center is available for rental when it is not being used for training. The main floorspace is approximately 46' 6" x 20'.

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Sport classes
  • 917-770-1239

Sifu Chen teaches both Contemporary Wushu as well as Wan Lai Sheng's Natural Style (Zi Ran Men) Kung Fu and Traditional Shaolin Six Harmony (Liu He Men) Kung Fu.

Classes are available for all ages and skill levels and are taught in a relaxed environment.


  • Traditional Natural Style Kung Fu;
  • Contemporary Wushu;
  • Private Lessons;
  • Children's Wushu (lessons for children aged 5-12).


  • Master Li Jian Long — He is a former member and coach of the Fujian Wushu Team. He was selected as the premier athlete from Fujian province in the 1976-77 All China Wushu Competitions. From 1977, he served as the as Director of the Fuzhou Physical Education Institute in addition to coaching the professional Wushu team from Fujian. In 1978, he became one of the first certified judges for the Chinese national sport of Wushu. Skilled in both open hand forms and weapons combat, he served as fight choreographer for the martial arts film, Journey Back to the Tiger's Lair (Wo Hu Xun Jie);
  • Master Chen Ying — He participated in local, regional and national competitions. In 1980, the Fujian Physical Education College accepted Chen Ying into their 4 year Wushu program. Sifu Chen was introduced by Coach Li to the famous Wushu master Wan Lai Sheng, lineage holder of the Zi Ran Men (Natural Style) and the Shaolin Liu He Men (Shaolin Six Harmony Style) fighting arts. Wan Lai Sheng accepted Chen Ying as his disciple and personally guided Chen Ying through 6 years of bitter training in Shaolin Liu He Men, Zi Ran Men, Luo Han Shen Da (Luo Han Spirit Fighting) and Shaolin Gen Qi Gong Fu (Shaolin Basic Kung Fu). Master Chen systematically mastered the open fist, weapons, and Dui Lian (two man) forms, as well as the rich meaning of Zi Ran Men, Nei Gong (Internal Practice), and the finer points of Luo Han Shen Da and fighting technique.
Sport class for
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Liuhe Ziranmen Wushu Training Center