Boulderdash Indoor Rock Climbing - SFV

Boulderdash San Fernando Valley (SFV) is located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley in the Chatsworth Commerce Center.

We have a huge air conditioned climbing area with 13,000 square feet of innovative terrain which includes a huge lead arch, top roping, crack climbing and plenty of bouldering including free standing top out problems and a 130 foot long bouldering traverse.

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Group training room
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Training facility for
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Sport classes
  • 818-700-1300

We offer climbing workouts for the high level experienced climber or someone who has just learned to put on a harness. You’ll be welcomed into our most inviting attribute, the Boulderdash community.

Membership Benefits:

  • Unlimited climbing during business hours;
  • Free “Up Rope” belay class. (Must be 13 or older);
  • 10% all pro shop purchases including special orders;
  • Free yoga and body weight classes;
  • Free monthly guest pass.

Kids Programs:

  • Of the Deck — If your aspiring rock climber has scaled the walls at a fair, a birthday party or has no experience climbing at all, our kids classes are a great place to improve your child’s climbing skills. Pick the day that works best for you;
  • Team Boulderdash SFV — For those children (ages 6-18), that have found what they have been looking for: We present Team Boulderdash SFV. The training consists of two intense 3-hour sessions a week. Kids love this exceptionally focused and supportive environment and the program is open to anyone willing to do the hard work it takes to excel in climbing;
  • Climb Time — If you or your kids are looking to drop by and start climbing the walls, come on by and experience Boulderdash’s “Climb Time”! We will provide an experienced instructor who will belay and supervise all enrolled climbers. All equipment is included. Adults are welcome to stay and climb or drop off their climbers;
  • Private Instruction.

Adult Programs:

  • Up Rope — welcomes new climbers to Boulderdash and teaches them the necessary skills to enjoy the wide range of challenges we present. Up Rope will teach you how to “belay,” and “tie into” a climbing rope. Up Rope is a two-hour class that begins in the classroom and then moves out into the main climbing area. Space is limited. Must be 13 or older;
  • The Sharp End is a class designed for the climber who is not satisfied with the limitations of top roping. This course will teach the subtleties that are required for advanced rock climbing. Our instructors will introduce techniques that will help you conquer some of the challenges that we all face. Held on the last Friday of the month. Space is limited. Minimum 2 participants. Should be solid 5.10 climber;
  • Private Instruction.

Additional Programs:

  • Kids Climbing Camp — For kids 6-12 years of age who enjoy climbing or for those who have never rock climbed before. Boulderdash SFV offers one of the best and most unique kids camp in Los Angeles county. With its incredible facility and teaching staff, we attract young climbers of all abilities. Our climbing camp give climbers a chance to learn about rock climbing, meet new people, and most importantly, have fun. Some of our objectives are problem solving, making good decisions, be team players, learn respect for others, enjoy physical recreation and do something good for their growing bodies! All equipment is included;
  • Parties — Plan your next birthday party (usually ages 6 to adult), club meeting or special event with us in a new and exciting environment. All participants must have our waiver completely filled out. If participant in under the age of 18, only their parent may fill out the youth waiver on their behalf.

Sport class for
  • boys
  • girls
  • young men
  • young women
  • men
  • women
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Boulderdash Indoor Rock Climbing - SFV