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The ATS Team is a multi faceted company started in 1999. We have found great success in our diversity and continue to serve the film industry as the top specialty rigging company in Hollywood, provide cutting edge training services for recreationalists in canyoneering, mountaineering, and rock climbing, provide training around the world to specialized military and rescue personnel, and engage teen girls as the largest provider ofdestinations worldwide.

Founder, Lead Instructor, Chief Visionary Officer — Darren Jeffrey.

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Sport classes
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The goal of ATS AdventureWorks is to let you experience Canyoneering, Rock Climbing, and Mountaineering in the way that fits you best. For some, this is achieved by taking these sports into their own hands in our courses. For others, it is a one day guided trip where the ATS team will show you what these sports have to offer.


  • Canyoneering School takes place all over the Globe. Wherever you find a mountain range, you are likely to find technical canyon routes nearby. The ATS team will prepare you for a lifetime of canyon descents though our extensive course options. Upon successful completion of our courses, you will be able to take this sport into your own hands and conduct your own decents without the assistance of a guide;
  • Rock Climbing School in the Western United States. We will provide you with the skills needed to be out on your own in the safest environment possible. Our multi-level courses will take you from a beginner climber to a lead climber. Finishing out the courses will allow you to enjoy Rock Climbing on your own without assitance our guidance;
  • Mountaineering School is the sport of climbing mountains. Unlikerock climbing, mountaineering is typically done by a group of individuals, often roped together as they do semi-technical ascents of large mountains either on just rock or snow and ice. The ATS Team enjoys exclusive access to the tallest mountain in Los Angeles County where we teach our courses as weather conditions permit. This is typically from November to March of each year.

ATS AdventureWorks Team:

  • Travis McDaniel (Lead Instructor, Chief Operations Officer);
  • Brent Fidler (Guide, Chief Program Officer);
  • Laura Bylund (Lead Instructor, Guide);
  • Gavin Santillan (Lead Instructor, Guide);
  • Jace Getskow (Lead Instructor, Guide);
  • JJ Getskow (Lead Instructor, Guide);
  • RB Hopkins (Lead Guide);
  • Nick Stentzel (Guide);
  • Johnnie Braden (Guide);
  • Sean Loche (Marketing Director, Web Engineer).
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