Byan Hawkins Kenpo Karate (Granada Hills)

Our Kenpo Karate schools in West Los Angeles and Granada Hills both feature matted workout areas for safety, men's and women's changing rooms for privacy and plenty of free parking. Each facility is outfitted with kicking bags, striking shields, and various other aids for student training.

Our teacher, Mr. Bryan Hawkins, has been a student of martial arts for over thirty-five years. He began studying Kenpo Karate in 1980 at the old West Los Angeles Studio. He was a private student of Senior Grandmaster Edmund K. Parker and managed the school in West Los Angeles from 1987 until Mr. Parker’s untimely passing in 1990.

​Mr. Hawkins worked as a Kenpo Karate technical advisor with Ed Parker for the film "The Perfect Weapon" and has since advised on numerous television projects and theatrical releases.

​Mr. Hawkins owns and operates Bryan Hawkins Kenpo Karate studios in West Los Angeles and Granada Hills, CA. In addition, he is President of United Kenpo Systems, a martial arts organization with affiliates throughout the United States and abroad.

Byan Hawkins Kenpo Karate in Los Angeles:
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United Kenpo Systems™, our organization is based upon respect for the scientific, written work of Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker. The Art of Kenpo Karate is a Living Art. It lives through its schools, instructors and students. The principles inherent in the techniques, forms and sets are prescribed in a specific manner for both physical and mental progress.

Bryan Hawkins has developed a unique and highly successful method of training children. This involves the Kenpo Karate curriculum for children, the Kenpo Cubs program, two summer camp programs, youth tournaments and an annual “board breaking day”. He has built a general youth curriculum designed to challenge, stimulate and engage young people as they progress in their study of Kenpo Karate. With five children of his own Mr. Hawkins is very sensitive to the wide variety of education and motivational tools needed to teach martial arts to children.

Age divisions:

  • Cubs: Ages 4-5;
  • Tigers: Ages 6 - 8;
  • Juniors: Ages 9 - 12;
  • Adults: Ages 13 and up.
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Byan Hawkins Kenpo Karate (Granada Hills)