Capoeira Brooklyn

316 7th Street
New York City, NY
  • 917-722-6703
  • 646-492-4221
  • Ninth Street (800 ft) BMT 4th Av
  • Fourth Avenue (1100 ft) IND Culver
  • Seventh Avenue (2100 ft) IND Culver

Capoeira Brooklyn was founded on 1 april, 2004. With more than twenty-five years of experience training and teaching capoeira, Mestre Foca, a native of Brasília, Brazil, is the founder of Capoeira Brooklyn, the borough’s only full-time capoeira academy.

We are located at Way of Action 316 7th St at 5th Ave in Brooklyn, 2nd Floor.

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Fighting room
  • 917-722-6703
  • 646-492-4221
Sport classes
  • 917-722-6703
  • 646-492-4221

Our adult classes are 1.5 hours long. They begin with stretching, warm-up and strengthening exercises. The training portion of the class focuses on repetition of Capoeira movements to build strength, form and the endurance for the art. Classes end with a roda (capoeira circle). Portuguese language practice is an important aspect of class; we learn numbers, movements, songs and basic vocabulary while we train.


  • Beginners Capoeira — Physical conditioning, individual skills, drill combinations and musicality are the focus of these classes and are required before joining the All-Levels classes;
  • All Levels — These mixed-level classes;
  • Kids — This classes focus on capoeira movements, wich have Portuguese names it is also an excellent tool for teaching a new language. Students learn to play the instruments and sing as well to listen to the rhythms to guide their movements.
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Capoeira Brooklyn