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  • Alexius “Stealth” Phoenix — Sambo/Judo Coach. Alexius has been training at NY Combat Sambo since 2007. He holds a Shodan in Judo and Japanese JuJitsu. Alexius’ competitive record is a long and accomplished one including a Bronze Medal (Judo) at the 2011 World Police & Fireman’s Games. He has placed in numerous other events including the Good Fight, World MMA Expo Takedown Tournament, Ultimate Sambo Submission Showdown, North American Freestyle Sambo Championships, and Canadian Freestyle Sambo Open;
  • Paul Varacchi — Combat Sambo/Krav Maga Coach. Paul is a SAG-AFTRA Stunt Performer and certified Krav Maga Instructor; the only American certified by Professor Itay Gil of Protect Israeli Security Systems and the Director-in-Charge of Intelligence, Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security Studies at Hebrew University. Paul is the owner and head instructor of Flow Krav Maga, Assistant Combat Sambo Instructor at NY Combat Sambo and a Certified Freestyle Sambo Official. Paul is also a graduate of Douglas Crosby’s Fighting for Film workshop and has a life-long love of movies and stunts;
  • Victor Severin — Apprentice Sambo Coach. Victor began training at New York Combat Sambo in 2012. He has achieved many accolades including Gold Medal - Arnold Classic Sambo Championship (2017), Gold Medal - Good Fight Winter Open Submission Only (2015), Silver Medal - North American Freestyle Sambo Championships (2015), Silver Medal - Virginia Freestyle Sambo Open (2015), Silver Medal - Arnold Classic Sambo Championship (2015), and a Silver Medal - Shuai Jiao US Open (2014). In 2017, Victor joined the staff at NYCS as an apprentice Sambo coach.
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  • Times Square – 42nd Street (1200 ft) IRT Br. – 7th Av
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