Savate classes in New York City

Savate at Nubreed Martial Arts Academy Nubreed Martial Arts Academy 12 Photo

Nubreed’s Authenticity in Boxe Francaise/ Savate Training Comes From Four Silver Glove Instructors Certified Under Professor Salem Assli.

Professor Salem Assli — He earned his 1st degree Silver Glove in France from the National Technical Director, Bob Alix. One year later back in Los Angeles, Salem earned the prestigious diploma of Professeur of Boxe Francaise Savate, 2nd degree Silver Glove with members of the French Elite Team such as Richard Sylla and Robert Paturel.

150-43 14th Street New York City, NY
  • 718-747-2550
  • Flushing – Main Street (2.3 ml) IRT Flushing
  • Mets – Willets Point (3 ml) IRT Flushing
  • 111th Street (3.4 ml) IRT Flushing
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