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Pilates and Fitness at Whole Body Method - Koreatown Whole Body Method - Koreatown

One-on-one Training — We offer one-on-one training sessions, built around the idea that a great workout begins from knowing the human body; then designing ways to make it brighter, leaner, happier, stronger and healthier. We work with you to create, re-create and return the flexibility, posture and strength to your body:

  • Whole Body Method Pilates — Practicing Pilates with the Whole Body Method is more than just a workout. It's creating a better body and health through awareness, postural alignment and spinal flexibility. It's not merely a collection of exercises, but a carefully developed method refined over a period of sixty years;
  • Whole Body Gyrotonic — The Gyrotonic Method uses specialized equipment to take your body into gentle spiraling and twisting movements that we believe you will absolutely love. The movements contain similar elements to those found in yoga. As a perfect complement to Pilates, Gyrotonics is holistic in nature, linking the breath, mind and emotions. It promotes a tremendous sense of well-being, delivering increased energy, greater mind-body awareness, long, lean muscles, improved posture and a strong core. The Gyrotonic Method consists of low-impact exercises that are highly beneficial for the elderly, pre and post-natal women and those recovering from injuries.

Group Classes:

  • Beginner Pilates (Level 1-2) — This class is focused on practicing and connecting with the foundational classical Pilates movements. Focus is on posture awareness, core strengthening and breath;
  • Beginner/Intermediate Pilates (Level 1-3) — This class is the perfect bridge between your beginner and intermediate Pilates workouts. You will discover new exercises to build from the basics, as you deepen your internal strength, spinal flexibility and body awareness;
  • Intermediate Pilates (Level 2-4) — Pilates Intermediate challenges the body as you work through a higher skill level of classical exercises that develop internal power, flexibility and grace. You will flex, twist and extend your body under the expert guidance of our instructors;
  • Advanced Pilates (Level 4-5) — Pilates Advanced requires you to already have a strong connection to your body, so you can then safely enjoy the rewards of advanced Pilates exercises;
  • Pilates Cardio Jump (All Levels) — By attaching the springboard to the Classical Reformer, you will receive amazing benefits that include leg-toning, cardio- conditioning and lymphatic health. You will start on the Reformer and then attach the spring board for 15-20 minutes of the workout as you get fit and flexible;
  • Pilates & X-Training (All Levels) — Our signature class combines 30 minutes of classical Pilates with 30 minutes of fitness training using trampolines, resistance bands and balls. It's a unique X-training experience that works you from inside to out;
  • Pilates TRX (All Levels) — We combine the popular TRX training system which uses your own body weight as resistance with classical Pilates, for one very effective whole body workout;
  • Classical Pilates MIX (Level 2-4) — We'll mix the Classical Reformer Pilates routine with exercises on the Wunda Chair, Pilates Mat and Magic Circle . It's a way to get even deeper into your Pilates body and experience more of the complete classical work (You must be at least intermediate level to participate);
  • Pilates Palooza (Level 3-5) — Our Pilates Palooza is an exercise-fest of Classical Pilates using Barrels, Cadillac, Wunda chair and anything else that is not bolted to the floor;
  • Pilates Trampoline (All Levels) — You'll get a total body workout by combining the classical refomer with the rebound-air trampoline. It's fun, fat-burning and core strengthening;
  • Community Mat Pilates (All Levels, $10 At The Door) — Our community Pilates Mat Class is for all our wonderful clients, friends and neighbors. Mat work is the foundation to all Pilates work and will help connect you to your body and of course, each other;
  • Wunda-Ful Chair (Level 1-3) — Our classical instructors will take you on a wunda-ful journey as you learn and progress on the Pilates Wunda Chairs. It's the lessor know of the Pilates apparatus but generally considered the most challenging of all apparatus. Please complete at least 3 beginner session before attending this class.
3300 West 6th Street Los Angeles, CA
  • 213-387-7134
  • Wilshire/Vermont (1300 ft)
  • Wilshire/Normandie (2200 ft)
  • Wilshire/Western (4400 ft)
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Taekwondo at Best US Tae Kwon Do Academy in Los Angeles Best US Tae Kwon Do Academy in Los Angeles

Providing best education to childern to develop strong mind and body.

3525 West 3rd Street Los Angeles, CA 91326
  • 213-388-2799
  • Wilshire/Vermont (2500 ft)
  • Vermont/Beverly (2600 ft)
  • Wilshire/Normandie (3900 ft)
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