Sports classes and schools near subway «111th Street» (IRT Flushing Line, New York City)

Metro (R = 1 km)
Taekwondo at United Taekwondo Center - Corona I United Taekwondo Center - Corona I


  • Peewee classes for ages 3-5;
  • Children all ages;
  • Teen classes;
  • Adult classes;
  • Family classes;
  • Team Black Belt — This program is geared towards students who are committed to their Taekwondo training and are striving to earn their Black Belt. Team Black Belt, or TBB classes focus on specialized skills such as sparring and weapon training.
4010 National Street
New York City, NY 11368
  • 103rd Street – Corona Plaza (100 ft) IRT Flushing
  • Junction Boulevard (1800 ft) IRT Flushing
  • 111th Street (2300 ft) IRT Flushing
Sport class for
  • boys
  • girls
  • young men
  • young women
  • men
  • women