Sports classes and schools near subway «Westchester Square – East Tremont Avenue» (New York City)

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Judo at Bronx Judo and Martial Arts Bronx Judo and Martial Arts 2 Photo

Instructor — Sensei George, 7th Dan (red and white belt) and an ex-marine. He has been a prominent judoka and teacher for over 50 years. He started the YMCA International Judo Camp with students and teachers from all over world and the USA. He is not only a teacher and sponsor of various judo events and tournaments, he was an avid competitor winning many significant titles, including the Metropolitan Masters Grand Champion.

3028 East Tremont Avenue New York City, NY
  • 347-909-1469
  • Westchester Square – East Tremont Avenue (1600 ft) IRT Pelham
  • Middletown Road (1600 ft) IRT Pelham
  • Zerega Avenue (2900 ft) IRT Pelham
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